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“RBIA has positively impacted our team. We’ve implemented the concept of shorter audits, keeping each audit in the 150 to 300 hour range. This has proven beneficial as we’ve doubled the number of audits completed in 2014 over our previous high and we’ve significantly broadened our scope. We’ve gained efficiencies and increased business owner buy-in by identifying the risk prior to each audit and then identifying the relevant controls instead of the reverse.

Our 2015 is off to a good start as the Audit Committee has approved our 2015 Audit Plan and expressed they were extremely pleased with our 2014 performance. Even our audit customers have expressed great satisfaction as our average satisfaction rating was 9.3 of 10 in 2014.”
Jamil Harris
CAE – EchoStar

“I appreciate the way each section builds upon the last. For a thorough understanding….I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I look forward to starting our own transition to this methodology. You do a great job!”
Christine Newgren
CAE – University of Colorado Health

“Liz is very personable and open to discussions. She shared past experiences to make a point.”
Walter Carrillion
Compliance Analyst – Xcel Energy

“Valuable use of my time! Thank you!”
James Hedberg
Sr. Director of Internal Audit – Crocs, Inc

“Excellent—you articulated so well what I want to do—thanks for the motivation!”
Barb Gold
Audit Director – Colorado Department of Transportation

“Liz did an excellent job explaining, breaking down, and providing examples of the material to make it easy to remember. The inter-referencing also helped build upon and re-enforce the concepts throughout the day.”
Beth Uhlrich
Federal Business Systems Compliance Manager – CH2M Hill

“RBIA really focuses on the customer’s view and their risk tolerance. Traditionally Internal Audit has set the risk tolerance somewhat separate from the customer. However, now we realize that the business objectives belong to our customers and they are the ones to establish what risk they are willing to accept. Also, by tweaking our IA processes we no longer air dirty laundry, now have skin in the game, and better understand the business. This is positively impacting Internal Audit’s image and reputation within the company. The customers are bringing projects to us to work on with them, instead of IA coming to audit them. We believe it is all about adding value to our stakeholders.”

Bill Huckaby
Texas Mutual Insurance Company
Senior Manager, Finance & Operations Auditingimages-1
August 2011

Texas Mutual White Paper

“Attending Risk Based Integrated Auditing (RBIA) conducted by Liz Meyers is the best decision I made at the beginning of my career as internal auditor. Liz is an expert in leading audit teams and a proven conduit for change. Her vision for ‘adding value’ is evident by Liz’s enthusiasm and dedication to this objective.

The class materials are professional, informative, and constructed for constant daily reference. Group practice with real case studies enforced use of techniques presented.

RBIA training opened my eyes and mind to ideas of time and resource management to add value as an auditor. Liz’s RBIA training provided solid tools to convey fresh and innovative methods to make a difference in the organization. In the present evolution of business, Internal Audit must evolve to add value to customers. The opportunity to share Liz’s passion to evolve the audit field is a rare learning experience. RBIA training with Liz is essential for auditors, from the inexperience to the seasoned auditor, who want to make a difference in auditing.”
Kim D. Wilson, CGAP
Lubbock District Internal Auditor
Texas Department of Transportation
April 2011

“Liz Meyers’ presentation on ‘Risk Based Management’ was one of the simplest and most effective sessions I have attended in my 30-plus years as a professional (12 of those as a project manager). Her concepts and definitions of ‘risks’ and ‘controls’ gave me immediate take-a-ways I was able to use the very next day at work. I highly recommend this session to not only project managers, but all levels of management to help them take their skill set to the next level.”
Michael Taylor
Manager, Project Management Office
Everready Energy Services
July 2009

“It was a pleasure to listen and take notes on your two take-a-ways on Risk Management last night at the PMI presentation and dinner…It is one of the best presentations I have seen on this subject in Simple English.”
Joseph Frankie III
Colonel, USA (Ret.); Board Member
OpCon Technologies, Inc.
July 2009

“Florida Power and Light has been utilizing the Osterio Risk Based Integrated AuditingTM and Practical Governance and Risk Management TM methodology since 1994. Since our team’s initial indoctrination, each new auditor attends a PGRM/RBIA seminar to understand our department’s focus on risk and how they can add value to both our department and company. This methodology has made our Internal Audit department a valued partner of our business. I would recommend this methodology to any head of an internal audit function.”
Maria Fogarty
Vice President, Internal Audit
Florida Power and Light
September 2008