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As CEO of Focus On Risk Enterprises, Liz Meyers works with organizations to implement Risk Based Integrated AuditingTM which focuses utilizing scarce audit resources where they add the most value to the company: achieving their strategic business objectives.

Upcoming Speaking

IIA Hawaii Chapter  October 2020,  “Audit Reports that Command Attention and Get Results”

Speaking Topics

How to Become a Risk-Based Audit Department Workshop

All too often, Internal Audit teams try to become risk-based but fall back to their comfort zone of a traditional audit program. This workshop is for those who want to eliminate the perception that their audit team is the corporate police or a necessary evil that has to be tolerated by the business, and create a new perception of being a valued business partner: You will walk through the necessary steps to become a risk-based audit department to add value to the business.

Making the Audit Committee Proactive on Risk Management

This presentation covers:

  • Knowing where the Audit Committee’s concerns lie
  • Knowing where the Audit Committee’s concerns lie
  • Keeping the Audit Committee informed on potential risks
  • Setting expectations on how Internal Audit can assist them
  • Establishing meaningful communication lines
  • Utilizing the audit committee as your greatest ally

Building the Risk Based Audit Team

Expectations for Internal Audit teams are constantly growing. Governance wants Internal Auditors to be risk-based, align with key stakeholders’ expectations, as well as streamline their audit processes and operations. It can seem like the Internal Audit Team doesn’t have enough hours in the day to meet these expectations on top of their normal audit activities. This course will show Internal Audit Management how to meet these expectations and more.

  • In this all day workshop you will learn how to:
  • Determining how risk-based you really are
  • Establishing a risk-based vision: understanding the business and defining your goals
  • Identifying the strategic and emerging risks: putting a continuous process in place
  • Staffing your team with the right people
  • Gaining and keeping audit committee and senior management support
  • Finalizing and continually updating your risk assessment plan

Maximizing Your Utilization of the Audit Committee & Executive Management

A Chief Audit Executive’s (CAE) effectiveness and value is frequently determined by their inclusion in the key business and strategic decisions for their organizations. Unfortunately many CAE are not invited to participate in these decisions. To be invited to the table, CAEs must first assure they are not only meeting the needs and expectations of their Audit Committees and Executive Management team but exceeding them. In order to achieve this, CAEs fail to realize that these same people, when utilized effectively, are their best tool to achieve this goal. In this presentation we will discuss how CAEs can exceed expectations and get a “seat at the table” for these important decisions.

Getting from Here to There: Building the Next Generation Risk Based Audit Team Workshop

Two insightful surveys were released in early 2011 focusing on how internal auditors must change to in order to remain relevant in organizations. The Institute of Internal Auditors’ 10 Imperatives for Change: Key Insights from The IIA’s Global Internal Audit Survey, was based on responses from its members. The second global survey was commissioned by Ernst & Young and conducted by Forbes Insights of CEOs, CFOs, Audit Committee Chairs and Audit Committee members about the evolving role of Internal Audit. The results were released in the report “Unlocking The Strategic Value Of Internal Audit, Three Steps To Transformation”.

These surveys indicate that Internal Auditors are correct in their perception of adding value to their organizations. However, we can’t be satisfied with the status quo. Those who control our destiny in the business world, the CEOs, CFOs, Audit Committee Chairs and Audit Committee members, want and need more from us. They want to turn to us for our subject matter expertise, business insights into strategic initiatives and ability to challenge current practices to assure the company is continually improving its performance.

In this workshop, we will focus on a few of recommendations from these surveys that focus on the internal audit team’s development and structure.

Adding Value with Risk Based Auditing

In a climate of declining revenue, aging technology, an aging workforce and controlling costs, internal auditors can still add value. In this session you will learn how to utilize your limited audit resources in ways that will bring the most value to your organization.

Indicators of Major IT Project Risks

This presentation focuses on the importance of getting a common language of risk, understanding key roles in large IT projects, identifying common missing elements in business cases that increase risk and how to know whether project controls are working effectively or not so you can take corrective action.

Challenges and Opportunities of Major IT Projects

Regardless of the surveys or studies you look at, the odds of your large IT Project being deemed a success are not in your favor. Studies indicate that 30 – 60% of IT projects run into serious problems. This presentation will discuss some of the challenges and opportunities that can help you to improve your odds in achieving a successful project.

Additional Speaking Topics

  • Changing A Team – Going From Worst To First
  • Fraud And The Small Business
  • Getting Out Of The Fire Fighting Business: how to get to the real issues that are keeping you from being successful.
  • Identifying The Problem: when everyone is going in different directions
  • Leadership For All Generations
  • Leadership For Women in a Man’s World
  • Red Flags of Fraud
  • Understanding Risks That Keep You From Achieving Your Business Objectives

Past Speaking Engagements

  • MIS Training Institute Audit Director Symposium
  • MIS Training Institute GRC Conference
  • MIS Training Institute Super Strategies
  • Mountain and Plains Intergovernmental Audit Forum Summer Meeting
  • Project Management Institute (PMI) Houston Chapters: North Houston; Central Galleria; Southwest; Clear Lake/Galveston
  • Texas State Auditors’ Office Annual Conference
  • The Institute of Internal Auditors, Denver Chapter
  • The Institute of Internal Auditors, Denver Chapter: Women’s Conference
  • American Business Women’s Association- Energy Express Network
  • ACFE and ISACA Student Association: University of Houston, Clear Lake
  • Rocky Mountain Accounting Conference
  • Association of airport Internal Auditors Conference
  • IIA Houston Chapter:  Annual Conference
  • ISACA: North America Computer Audit, Control and Security Conference (CACS)

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