How to Obtain and Document Sufficient, Appropriate Audit Evidence

» How to Obtain and Document Sufficient, Appropriate Audit Evidence

In this half-day of practical instruction, you’ll gather the essential skills needed to step confidently into your role as an auditor. Audit evidence is a collection of relevant and sufficient facts used to provide a reasonable basis for auditor’s findings and conclusions.

Many auditors step into their positions feeling apprehensive and ill-prepared about audit evidence. Why? Because there are many types of evidence and ways to collect it. And, it is a lot easier to collect evidence than to collect valid and reliable evidence.

This class will provide you with the most effective, efficient, and useful ways to:

  • Obtain evidence
  • Document evidence
  • Test evidence

What You Will Learn:

  • The types of evidence that can be obtained by the auditor
  • How to meet and exceed the “sufficient, competent, relevant and useful” evidence professional standards requirements
  • How evidence is obtained through various testing techniques
  • How to make documentation meaningful and minimal

Who Should Attend:

Auditors who want to improve in their evidence collection and documentation



CPE Credits:

4 hours