Getting the Most Out of the Audit Interview

» Getting the Most Out of the Audit Interview

Conduct your next interview with renewed enthusiasm and confidence! Effective interviewing skills help the auditee come to regard the auditor as an aid to improvement, rather than the bearer of trouble! The interview process may be the most important element of an audit. Yet simple interview techniques are the ones which internal auditors seem to have the most difficulty.

This four-hour participative seminar will provide tools and techniques to allow the auditor to get the most out of the interview process.

What You Will Learn:

  • The pros and cons of the interview process
  • How to prepare for a meaningful interview
  • Ways to conduct a successful interview
  • How to listen effectively and document
  • How practice, practice, practice makes a difference (group will do role plays of the interview process)

Who Should Attend:

Any Auditor Who Wants to Improve in their Interviewing Techniques



CPE Credits:

4 hours