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What is performance level?

The performance level is the day-to-day processes and systems that run the business. The amount of control that is built into detailed processes should be a function of how much risk Governance is prepared to take, not what is in a checklist produced by an outside organization. Focus on Risk Enterprise’s performance level tools are […]

What is Management?

Management is the effective allocation of resources to processes in order to successfully accomplish business objectives that link up to Governance goals. Management is responsible for ensuring that the right amount of internal control is in place to ensure that risks which threaten the organization’s ability to accomplish its objectives are managed within the limits […]

What is Governance?

An Enterprise Risk Culture starts with governance, i.e. the very top of the company beginning with the CEO and the Board of Directors. Also included in the governance function are the Vice Presidents and Officers of the company. It is critical for success that all members of governance take a lead role in solidifying a […]